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  2. Nyroc's ATV info website this sounds like your problem.
  3. yup, got the 750 for around 400 more, well worth it, i'm so glad i did it.
  4. as far as the design, its a carry over, nothing new just colors. i won't be paying cash so i don't have that leverage. it doesn't have power steering though and from what i hear, i would be crazy to not find one that has it for the 300 or 400 more.
  5. they made me a deal of 7379.00 otd. normal sales price of 7699.00 Is the 2011 the first year with the new 500 engine? Would it be better to stay away from the first year production and go with a 2012? sorry for the questions but i'm really excited right now
  6. I found a black 2011 sweet bike at my dealer for sale, it has no eps. What would be a good price to pay for this? i'm looking to make an offer this week thanks, jason

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