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  2. Thanks for the info, I talked to the dealer and they got my rear brakes fixed and i was able to talk to them a little more about the wheel cylinder. He said usually they would just be able to use one of those rebuild/repair kits but that in this case one of the wheel cylinders was actually so worn it had a hole through it which made it unrepairable at least to them. Im wondering if I might could have someone weld the hold in to make it at least useable. Anyone have thoughts on that or another solution? Thanks again for all the help!
  3. Ok and thanks for your help, if you do come across some conversion from another honda let me know, either way Id just like to get my front brakes working to some degree.
  4. Will that work on my atv being that is 2x4 and not 4x4? If so that would be great and probably much more reliable.
  5. Yeah possibly I need to find out though if those rebuild/ repair kits have all the parts because I believe there were actually some missing from in my wheel cylinders but i wont know what pieces were missing until I talk to the dealer again tomorrow. Thanks for the help, also does anyone know if there is any way to convert the front to disk brakes? Thanks again
  6. Yeah thats what I thought but apparently they can only order from honda and honda dicontinued the front wheel cylinder for that model. It needs a few other parts as well to get the brakes working but they said without being able to order that wheel cylinder theres no way the brakes will work, so its kinda got me in a spot because I really would like to have working front brakes even at any amount of braking capacity.
  7. So I took my 92 honda 300 2x4 to my local dealer to have the front brakes repairs because they didnt work at all. They told they cant fix it because they cant order the part they need which is apparently a front wheel cylinder and its discontinued by honda. Does anyone know where I can get one that will fit my year of honda or if theres anything else I can do as far as replacing the brakes or getting some sort of front brakes on my atv. Thanks in advance for any help
  8. Thanks for the heads up on those sites. Just got a set of ITP mudlites for $80 per wheel with instalation included and having the brakes looked at tomorrow
  9. Hello everyone Im new to the forum and recently purchased a 1992 honda fourtrax 300. Im Trying to find what a decent estimate would be for getting the brakes fixed and working properly because as of now it has no braking and I think the front may need a new master brake cylinder or a rebuild on the one on it. One more thing can anyone tell me what size and brand I could find some cheap general purpose tires for it. Thanks in advance guys for any help.

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