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  2. thank for helping. i should of waited a little longer be for i posted this. i new there had to be a fuse some were and i finally found it and that was the problem
  3. my wife has a 2007 honda trx250ex we shut the bike off went to start back a little later and had nothing. The neutral lite wouldn't come one, pushed the starter button and nothing happened. i was able to jump across the solenoid and fired right up. I pushed the starter button while it was running and i kicked in lights all worked. Then turned the key off and nothing works. If anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated.
  4. ive been looking on the web for front and rear plastics for my wives 2007 honda trx250ex and i am not finding anything newer than 2005 could anyone explan to me why this is or were i could find some.

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