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  2. Hopefully this bumps the thread. I'm new so I'm still figuring things out. Still having trouble with the recon. I'm going to have the valve work done tomorrow...finally. I talked with the guy who usually fixes fourwheelers for me and he said what bent the valve in the first place was not having the pushrods at the bottom. First off, what does that mean. Secondly, does that make sense? Thanks.
  3. Praise the Lord. Being a college student,I can't afford to spend a whole lot more than that. Maybe that will be the least of my worries. Thanks a lot for all the info you've provided.
  4. Well I didn't succeed in getting the part to anyone today but I called someone about buying a used cylinder head. He didnt have one but told me to call a machine shop and said that they would replace the seals, both valves, and maybe the springs for around $70. Is that accurate? I sure hope so.
  5. Oh man. This is not what I was hopin for lol. As for water, none at all. It was actually running pretty well it just had a busted head gasket I decided to replace before the air that was shooting out when I started it made grooves in the head. I'm going to hope its just a bad spring I guess. Thanks for all the info.
  6. It's a 2003. I plan on taking the cylinder head somewhere tomorrow and having new valves put in it. Is it possible it could just happen again right off the bat? Also, I don't think it's the tensioner. We had it timed not too long ago and had to replace the tensioner.
  7. A few days ago, I DROVE my recon into the shop to simply replace the head gasket and repair the boot intake take off the carburetor. I got both of those fixed within two days and put the head back together. Today, I tried to crank it and instead of sucking air through the air box, the four wheeler blew air out. After an hour so, I discovered that there was a bent valve. Any ideas what could've caused this? Thanks in advance.

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