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  2. I bet your quad is a wild ride.
  3. It's my buddies and he said go ride, it will go right over that log. But since it was not mine I took it slow and this is what happened. Trying to be nice and this is where I get stuck.
  4. cjsservices


    No oil issue at all. She runs great but at when I start to get to the top of the power band it with slow down until I give it full choke. I had the carburator rebuilt so not sure what is wrong. Maybe after this coming deer season I will put it back in the shop until they can get it right.
  5. The helicopter hunts with the crossbow is whats crazy.
  6. cjsservices


    Not to hard, just flip it up on it rear rack and then strap it to the gate.
  7. Our land owner is big into watermelons, so our lease is more like a candy store for both deer and hog.
  8. We smoked the whole thing and had a Pulled Pork luncheon, with a Carolina BBQ sauce and it was great.

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