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  1. That look like it will work. What is the width from tire center to center. Where can I find the "stuff" to set a few machines up like this. What type of machine do you think would hold best up under day after day use. Keep in mind the speed will be slow, 3 to 5 mph , the terrain is flat (except for the bedded area you are riding on) often muddy, with lots of logging debris.
  2. If I can get the clearance is their such a thing as wheel spacers and if so will the bearing etc hold up using these. I use this type of spacers on my farm tractors. I could have them fabricated at a local shop.
  3. I am in need of a ? ATV to do spraying on Bedded forestery land. The wheel width must be at least 5 ft wide, with a clearance of at least 24 inches. The speed we would be running would 2 to 5 mph. Would have a 20-30 gal tank mounted. Is there something out there that is already available or do I need to customize an exsiting platform. If I should go with an exsisting platform what type /model/size would u reccomend and where do I go for the custom equipment. Thanks in advance for any info.

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