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  2. yea been there had lot of people bring them to me for that reason but lol never ran in to my problem yea pulled off clutch cover wehn ta macth up balancer and crank shaft gears they was 8 teeth off i re aliagned them got it back together runs great all u hear is fmf pipe nice
  3. ok np yea i have built alot of these motoras and the guy that put it together dont think he knew what he was doing ill post let ya know what i find pout
  4. yea makes nosise all the time i checked valves there in spect so i not sure either gues ill take motor apart and see what that guy did thx all for the help
  5. it a loud clunching noise sounds like coming from bottom end is it possalbe ta have the balance not positioned right and it might hit the connecting rod a bit
  6. i will check that out sounds like its on left side but not sure
  7. i just bought a 97 350 warrior guy told me he had it in pieces like every thing even motor was tore arpart before i bought he had it all back together got it home put battery, new oild in it and started it up made a weird clacking sound sounded like timing chain was lose checked it, it was good and tight looked at started gears theye looked good coul;d use some advice cause not sure if i should pull heads off make sure pistions not on backwards had the once before and it broke the rocker arm

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