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  2. I operated the starter with the stator cover off just to see. I noticed that the starter works fine now but the chain was not turning the crankshaft fast enough or at all sometimes. That's how I determined the starter clutch was bad. Does the big gear freespin like the small gear does off the starter?
  3. Since I have asked the question I opened up the stator cover again and operated the starter motor while inspecting and found the starter was turning but it would not turn the crankshaft. I found out that there is a starter clutch and it is probably faulty. $150.00 OUCH! The dealership says I need the big sprocket as well as the two parts to the clutch. If the large sprocket looks to be in good shape, is it necessary to purchase it? It would add another $60 to the price and I'm way over budget already. Any info would be greatly appreciated
  4. I just installed a starter and front drive shaft seal in my bayou and now it has no compression. I did not see any compression related components on the left side of the bike. I had to pull stator cover to install starter. Anyone have any ideas? Do these bikes burn valves?? It was running before I replaced the starter.

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