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  2. oh by the way, its 2002 grizzly 660 4x4
  3. yep but I found another grizzly with LOW miles!... for $5900?!? thats dumb. I emailed that guy and ask him why its $5900. I will offer him around $3000 for it
  4. found a 2004 honda TRX400 rancher 4x4, 890 miles, 176 hours for $3450. thats over in KBB value but its at the dealer place. what do you think? Im thinking about it.
  5. I have a 1993 honda fourtrax 300, it has 1,225 roughly hours in it with ZERO rebuilt. two years ago, put a new brake shoes and clean the carb, thats it. been using diesel engine oil for the 4 wheeler.
  6. ok its 660, 830 hours roughly, 5000 miles. Im not sure if its a good motor with 5000 miles in it. I guess I have to do some reseach for the motor that broke down at what miles.
  7. 02 yamah grizzly seem good to me, will find out about hour or miles on it and size of motor.
  8. dont matter to me. as long as I wont able to heavy tow or tow that much so it should be fine. Just for some trail fun, alittle mudding, and easy ride.
  9. ok how about honda rancher? foreman? My uncle has a rancher and I rode on it, I like the way it ride smooth on rough ground than my old honda 300
  10. hello, Im new to this forum, Im looking for ATV that has 4x4 and less problem. size motor 400 and up, price range least 4 grand. so far I have narrowed down to polaris sportsman that I like but does other have belt less drive train? what else Im missing.. which atv is best?

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