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  2. so i'v since taken the crank case cover off and found the the shaft's that the two gears are suppos to sit on are just broken off gone and the gears are missing too, so it's clear that some one befor me pulled the cover off and remover the gears after the shafts broke that the gears spin on, it looks to me that those shafts the the gears spin on are a part of the crank case it self, i did a little looking arond and the crank case cover is only 2 to 3 hundred but the crank case it self is around a thousand..... so thats bad news for my old 500.... no way i can justify that much money and time to repair....good thing after i cleaned carb it starts first pull evertime!!!
  3. thanx, i think i'm gonna have to pay for a download manual, in the one in the link it looks like theres a few gear's in there instead of just one flywheel,
  4. oh ya it starts 2nd pull with the pull starter, but that thing is a pig to pull over.....and to be honest i laughed when saw rappys pic to....
  5. hey fellas new guy here, i just picked up my first wheeler ever, it a 2000 quad runner 500.... when pushing the starter button the starter would turn but not turn the engine over...so I was thinging it was like the one of the many automotive starters iv repaird that the bendex was not advanceing...as you guys prob already know it not like an automotive starter...... so the other day i pulled the startrer off the bike to see about getting it working...turns out the case the the starter gear come's out of is just empty, no flywheel gears or anything to be seen to connect starter gear to crank shaft..... so my question is this, what do i need to get this working, i know im getting into the side of this motor to do the repair i'm just look for some thougth's... thanx...

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