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  1. That picture is great ... he's a cutie! My son's first trip to the dunes was on a 80cc and I think that a 50 would have been best for him to learn on! Thats great that your son is on a 90! Do you get nerves watching him ride still? My husband tells me all the time to stop hovering over are son...lol
  2. I am a big believer that it should be the parents choice all kids maturity is different and the level for witch they learn is also different...They may not enforcing the law, But to me it's just the idea of someone trying to take something away from my family that we love some much, is bull! I'm sure most of you agree with the every day stress of life we all need something to look forward to on the weekend, to keep us going.....with us it's riding! I'm glad I became a member with Quad Crazy everybody here as been great ...Thank you...... I have wrote the Senators and a few of my friend also have...and we all got back a pre printed letter that was the same exact letter! (a brush off!!) I do live in Medford Oregon And almost every other person here seems to own a quad...lol we love to ride .... are town is just so small...it helps keep are kids out of trouble LOL
  3. Well as for the newbie! I was still pissed that they could even put a proposed Ballot Measure on the table for that reason.... And who is to say that it wont pass! Do you think that maybe the reason it hasn't passed somewhere else is because of people like me that tries to bring attention to what is going on and get petitions out there to have signed! But thank you for everybody who left a opinion on this matter
  4. - If it passes in Oregon, it can start passing everywhere, pass the word) The below says - In Oregon, they are try'n to stop 12 and under years of age from riding ATV's... It doesn't effect only Oregonians, This affects ANYONE who rides the Oregon Dunes. Think about the impact this will have if it goes through. Many people will not come on vacation here, the entire state will lose revenue. It should be that all children go through an ATV safety course and be educated, not striped of the ability to join the family on a sport they have enjoyed for Years. Please take the time to write these senator's if you have children that ride. Senators ALAN C. BATES of Ashland ([email protected] ) and RICHARD DEVLIN of Tualitin ([email protected] ) sponsored Senate Bill 49 which was introduced to the Senate this week. This Bill prohibits operation of all-terrain vehicles by persons less than 12 years of age. It restricts operation of all-terrain vehicles by persons 12 to 15 years of age based on vehicle engine displacement. It prohibits sellers of all-terrain vehicles from knowingly selling all-terrain vehicles for use by persons less than 12 years of age or for use by persons 12 to 15 years of age in violation of engine displacement limitations. It punishes by fine of $90. It also directs State Parks and Recreation Department to produce and provide safety information to retailers. It also directs retailers of all-terrain vehicles to distribute safety information to buyers of all terrain vehicles. What does everybody think about this bill! This is so upsetting.....My son wants to learn how to race and he wont be able to if this passes! MY SON DESHAIN Contact info for Senator Alan Bates of Ashland Sen. Alan C. Bates (D) District: 003 900 Court Street NE Suite S-305 Salem OR, 97301 Phone: (503) 986-1703 Fax: (503) 986-1080 Email: [email protected] State Representative Contact info for Senator Richard Devlin Sen. Richard Devlin (D) District: 019 900 Court Street NE Suite S-316 Salem OR, 97301-4073 Phone: (503) 986-1719 Fax: (503) 986-1987 Email: [email protected] State Representative

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