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  2. Good morning Ajm, perhaps, but I'm not sure they really care. Having searched the IT, the sundry of problems plaguing Polaris seems to be a non-issue with them. Fool me once...shame on you...fool me twice...shame on me. Thanks, RickeyD
  3. Good morning Oxidized, Actually, the Service Rep. at Wheeler Powersports in Ft. Smith is doing all he can to mediate between Polaris and myself...JD said it would cost around $60 bucks to do the work. I know, that's not much considering Polaris has agreed to provide the parts BUT...it's the principle of the thing. Polaris has engineered and distributed a defective part that has affected numerous 850 owners...a problem that is so pervasive it should be on a recall status. Polaris acknowledges the defective product and offers a "kit," parts #PN2204755, to remedy the situation, but why have
  4. Hello Polaris ATV owners, Though I've owned/maintained some 30 motorcycles since age 12, I recently purchased my first ATV...a 2011 Polaris 850 Sportsman/Pursuit Camo. I am a Honda man at heart and when it comes to motors or electronics I generally purchase only Japanese products. Why you ask? They've been reliable and resilient as opposed to my Ford, Chevrolet and Harley. With that said, I am beginning my struggle to have what I consider a manufacturing defect repaired by Polaris. I've begun a service schedule and have included the particulars below. I hope to use this thread, if editin

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