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  2. Brake repair completed. I decided to attempt without any idea of how difficult this was. Turns out, it was rather easy. Thanks for support forum.
  3. Brake shoes arrived today. Guess I will tear into the rear axle and see how difficult this repair is. Sure would be nice to know how difficult this job is... Any repair manuals out there?
  4. Hey Forum, My first post! Been hanging around this great site for awhile and decided to join. What I could use is repair manual that covers a 1983 Lt 125. Bought this atv while in Alaska in 86 with 3500 miles, four flat tires and no brakes, from a guy from McGrath. After 25 years, I think it is time for some brakes Any information regarding replacing the brakes, or a repair manaul would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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