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  1. Thank you Tim, yes we synchronized the universals I have to check if they were oem or not. thanks for the quick response. yamaha225
  2. 87 lt 250 rear universals keep going out on the right side . I mean brand new ones in 100 feet or so and the yokes just snap. Never saw anything like it the bearings have been replaced and don't see any binding anywhere. Dad has had this quad for at least 7 years no problems with it before. Original tire sizes are on it when he got it . They are the same as the 87 quad we have I assume they are the same as the 89. He used it for plowing snow I don't think it happened while plowing only just him on the quad driving slow after a new one was put in and bang just snaps the ear off the yoke!! He as put on 6 Yokes so FAR determined to figure this out. We jacked it up and turned it and didn't see anything different than the 87. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks yamaha225
  3. We also just had a valve job done and adjusted the valves. I don't think comprssion is a problem. It just seems like carb trouble. We completely had it a part and cleaned all jets and choke chamber and seems to run okay except for the idle screw with cable is truned all the way up. I have the other ajustment screw turned out 2 turns. Mikuni 130 cc carb.
  4. thanks for the info. since I posted we having it running all the time but will not idle.
  5. 90' suzuki 250 quad 4x4 will act like choke is on after 4 minutes of run time. Cleaned and inspected carb. Just acts like it doesn't have power after a couple of minutes running , It seems when the heat builds up throttle response just keeps getting woorse unit it won't keep running espeacially at idle. Any imput appreaciated. Thanks Yamaha 225

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