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  2. Hoping to get some replys for these two questions... 1. The foot gear shift does sometimes stay at the lower position when changing down. Could this be remedied by oiling the cable? or by installing a helper spring? I´m thinking exhaust spring from snowmobile attached to top of the shifter and onto the frame. So the spring will rest at shifter center position but will tighten when pushing lever down. 2.The winch is mounted on top of the front rak, but this is not optimal place for it. But there just is no room under lights to install it so Im thinkin, if I cut an opening to the mount, which the cable could run STRAIGHT DOWN from the winch. Then I put the roller thing 20 centimeters down from the winch (at the start of plastic bottom shield). and run the winch rope there. so it would go like this: Winch _____ front rack | | rope | -> winch roller, winch rope comes out from here. Would this be bad for the winch/quad?
  3. This thread died... Well talking to myself then . Did the start in gear mod by grounding the neutral wire, side effect is that neutral light is on all the time. If anyone has a way to get the neutral light to work like it should AND could start in gear, pleas share your info Opened the carburetor couple of times. We got it working properly by lifting the jet one notch, then closing the pilot screw AND opening it 1 and 1/2 half turns. Hopefully this is now remedied. Installed bronco 3500 lbs winch too ( on top of the front rack, no other place I ques).
  4. So i did the pin removal mod. Now she can go diff lock with low range The carburettor problem still exists. We took it out, opend the top and bottom, cleaned pilot needle jet. And we moved the jet one ring up (so she would get more gas). But alas, problem still exists. Symptoms: If you push the throttle open fast, she dies and sometimes misfires at exhaust. If you open throttle very very slowly she can go ok. No hesitating at fast rpm. Only close to idle, and you CAN control it with choke, keeping choke close to half closed, she tends to go great. What should I do? Also if there are any pictured walkthrough on how to get start at any gear. with this chocking problem it is frustrating changing gear all the time when she dies
  5. And she is home She really is lt-4wdx With oil cooler and fan. Eveything works (shifter levers on top of tank tend to be sticky, was thinking of removing the pin), and seems after she warms up, she wont stay running properly. She tends to choke ith full throttle. What sould be done? clean the carburetor?
  6. Thanx for the advice. Have to get around to it. First things first though, i ordered a winch with fitting kit. Advertisement says king guad -91-02. hopefully it should be plug and play for the winch part. electricals are different story of course, but we installed one to Big bear last winter and it went ok. Of course we had to make all the fittings ourselves for the winch. Does this atv have an oil cooler? edit. when looking at this picture: http://image.nettix.fi/extra/bikeimg/1367801_1367900/suzuki-quad-runner-1367877_l_38282873f1448522.jpg with picture editor and looking below the lights, there is a mesh at the front ( this is the place for winch?) and after that there seems to be a radiator, I believe that is a cooler? If it is a cooler, it doubtfully has a fan. My usage will be at summer mudding and forest riding at slow speeds, maybe light cargo attached, so would cooling be an issue? Is there a cooling fan kit for these quads at affordable price somewhere
  7. Thx, I already downloaded that, found this site after googling service manual for two hours yesterday. After I found your link to the manuals I wanted to be a member Hopefully I can get an oil filter for it before weekend, was meaning to change all oils and test the beast saturday
  8. Hello everyone! Just bought a 250 (or 280) king quad ( or quadmaster) from 1990. heres a website from which i bought it. cant get the pics from there so just look from there: Suzuki Quad Runner 250 4 WD 250 cm³ 1990 - Kiiminki - Mönkijä - Nettimoto Funny thing, the advertisement says quad master, but second pic says clearly King quad on the side of gas tank. I will be getting this tomorrow after work, have to go 160 kilometers to get it but hope it will be worth it. Seller says that it is not pretty but mechanically everything works. What should I do after I get it? Was thinking of course to change all oils. Does this one have different space for gear oil and motor oil, or are they the same?

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