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  2. thank you everyone who led me to the right person to get what i needed. You guys are awesome. Now i have the manual...i can get my quad up and running:) I'll be working on it tomorrow mornin
  3. i have a 99 400 ex with a big bore kit. I bought a new stage 2 hot cam for it and got the timing right. it cranks over but won't start. Looking at it today a little more...i think i have a bent valve. I pit the compression tool on it and only have 25ftpnds. not sure how to fix that. Nor do i have the tools. Also, i noticed that there are double springs on it too.is that normal?
  4. I replaced my cam and now i can't get the thing to start. What did i do wrong? I lined up everything correct. I think. Anyone with some insight that could help would be greatly appreciated.

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