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  2. I have a Suzuki LT-Z250. My question is, can I replace my carburetor with one from a LT-Z400, if not, can you tell me why, if I can, do I need to make any modifications?
  3. YEA i could WOULD get into trouble on that BEAST!
  4. LOL, where i live i just pull the signs out of the ground.
  5. would like to see that in action!
  6. anyone have some darts? LOL
  7. sure is a FUNNY cat face he/she is giving you
  8. that looks rather ODD lol
  9. @oxidized black, thank yua
  10. @wylde1, i have had the berries and cherries after me several times LOL
  11. @oxidized black, dude its sweet they are AWESOME hill climbers!
  12. @wylde1, no but she would prob have a heart attack LOL
  13. Thanks guys its a FUN ride! Here is a better pic of it. It's a 1600cc single port air cooled w/fan engine. 4 speed bus tranny with reverse. It has CNC cutting brakes, CNC clutch and brakes, long travel rear shocks, 4 point racing harnesses.

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