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  1. Hey all - wondering if any of you use GPS on your ATVs or cars or in life in general I borrowed the ONE last week from a friend and absolutely loved it (didn't want to give it back, but alas)...Has anyone used the RIDER (the one made specially for motorcycles)?
  2. I know - it would be really neat to see one of these things on the road. They've already had a bunch of group rides & test rides that I've read about in blogs. Pretty sweet.
  3. Has anyone seen this new Spyder roadster? It is pretty good looking, I've never seen anything quite like it! What do you guys think?
  4. Yeah - not something you wish on anyone, but definitely riveting to watch!
  5. I had the opposite reaction - i couldn't STOP watching!
  6. Ohhhh Vegas. I've never been there but my roommate & i are talkinga bout going later this year...i hear great things about it
  7. Wow - 10 - 18 inches?!?!? If we got that here we would be home-bound forEVER (dc has awful snow removal and they freak out with a few inches even though we get a couple of decent storms EVERY YEAR)... Hope everyone's staying warm
  8. Wow. Thanks for sharing that, even though I'm a lil bit traumatized Pretty crazy - people do this for fun?!!?!?
  9. It is crazy snowing out here in DC today...I woke up at 8:30am to the sound of sleet bouncing off the windows. I woke up again an hour later and there is a steady snowfall...We were only expecting a couple of inches, but last I heard we could get 5 - 10...Ahhh nothing like a snow day
  10. People are so creative Definitely must be fun to have a place for him to play around!
  11. Better late than never Thanks for the welcome. Snowing like crazy today in DC...Nice to be inside in sweats & under a blanket with some hot chocolate!
  12. Thanks!!!! Glad to be here...I can feel the procrastination coming already
  13. Ohhh the lil' high five just sounds so cute - i bet he was so proud!! I hope you weren't scared out of your mind! Those will be memories you'll have forever
  14. The case I was almost on was some drug case. The defendant was sitting right in front of me and I was kind of like, "umm...is this safe?" Hope your experience wasn't too traumatic

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