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  1. Date announcement for DB4 DB4 is tentatively filming at Knoxville Raceway in Knoxville, Iowa ( http://www.knoxvilleraceway.com/ ). The dates are June 18th and 19th, there still are a couple of team spots available so contact Ray @ Launchhour.tv or call 317-893-2147 -Ray
  2. Here is the Big News, KB4 is DEAD. Why? Rich looked at where the biggest support was coming from and the community stepping up and saying "HEY I WANT IN!!" was all either the atv community or the DirtBike guys, so .... Sorry to say but bye bye Karts. Of Course you can here what Rich has to say later today on Launchhour.tv and here is the new logo- So now you only need a bike 500cc or less and a ATV 450cc or less, who's in????? -Ray iddings Brand Manager Launch Hour 317-893-2147
  3. The track is close to being decided on but we still need a few good teams! To participate call (317)893-2147 or email Ray at launchhour.tv. -Ray
  4. Hi, my name is Ray Iddings. I am the Brand manager for LAUNCH HOUR, a new hour of television coming to SPEED. The show was created by the host and executive producer of PINKS, Rich Christensen. It's a new sport called KB4 3 disciplines-1 rider To hear more about it you can listen to Rich's announcement here: http://www.richchristensen.com/radio/PINKS/Launch.mp3 If you want to know more about how you can participate and get your team on SPEED email Ray Iddings at rayatLaunchhour.tv or call (317)893-2147.

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