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  2. cheers mate hahaha yeh its a bit like that ey im 99% sure ill be moving to the states within 6 months anyway, just waiting to see how i go with my visa application thanks mate
  3. wow thats pretty cool, i cant wait to travel all over canada!!
  4. where abouts are ya from?? ive never seen snow, not once in my whole life
  5. and sorry for not posting in the welcome members section,my bad!
  6. hahahaha it will take AGES to get used to that kinda cold, but thats not degrees celcius is it? still sounds flippen cold hahahahah its about 32deg celcius today too bad im stuck at work!!
  7. Hey Guys and Gals, My name is Nick, how are ya?? Im 21 years old and i am an Ag Salesman, I sell Tractors and Impliments such as Massey Ferguson, Fendt, Iseki, Kioti, Polaris and Scag Mowers. I am currently looking into moving to the US for a few years, Not fussed about where just cant wait to get over there and try something different! I am hoping for get in contact with anyone who can put me onto someone about work, anything really, for my Visa. anyways hope to hear from you all have a good one! Nick

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