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  2. Hello to all, I am new to your site. Need to pick your brains, I recently bought and older quad for some work around the house. It runs alright but it looks like over the years some things have been cobbled up. My main thing is the carburetor, Its not the original mikuni it has some japan thing that has been modified to fit and it has been a pain. I want to put a mikuni back on it, the clymer manual shows the original as a vm22sh mikuni carb. Kinda hard finding one, I was thinking of going that way, then rebuild it. Or can I get another vm22 model and put on it, or will that be more of a problem? I have been seeing them on ebay for about $75 I have noticed the jetting is really different then what they are calling for in the manual. Any help would be appreciated thank you. Once again this is for a 86 yfm 200.

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