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  2. already try they couldnt help but i just found a bearing kit for $30 that what one bearing and seal would cost so just replace all of them thanks
  3. i try three bearing company around here they couldnt help said was bearing make only for kawawaski pinion but i found a bearing repair kit and it does have the pinion bearing for $30 whick is cheap other kits cost about $60 but will keep the info u suggested in case need other bearing
  4. have anyone brought brought a rear diffferential beraing kit for kvf300a4or kvff400 does the kit include bearing for the pinion or just for axle and neeedle bearing inside rear diff look at some of the kit but doesnt say if included bearing for pinion sent request to find out but no response needed to know before ordering because the pinion bearing is really the only one i need but cant find where u can just buy the pinion bearing without buying pinion as a set.:
  5. maybe call rear final gear instead of diff but what wrong is bearing on pivot shaft got hot and seige up having troble getting locknut out try looking at salavge yard so far one for $450 that to much almost buy new one found lots fo bayou 300 no prairie
  6. hard to find rear differential for my 02 kawasaki prairie 300 4x4 wonder if there other year and model would work like bayou 220/250/300 and difference years:aargh:

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