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  2. lol i meant ??????????????????????????
  3. i dont know its a pretty big won but i dont no
  4. well i mean i cant afford another i got this for free im just trying to repair it i mean i can repair some stuff by my self but i just need help ya know
  5. well whats wrong with it is alot i mean the back tires are locked up and the engine needs to be remounted and there are pieces missing from the engine. and it needs to be rewired all over so you know its like really but i can sends pics but you have to be here to really see it:frown: im low on money and thats a big prob but i think i can get this guy i no to buy them he gets a big discount:wink: but im not for sure so i mean im in indianapolis indiana so its far from most people on here so if you can help me plz tell me how to repair what i need or places that are cheap and work on em but my atv a.k.a four wheeler it is a foriegn i dont where but it is a 1999 sanyco i mean really the things older than me lol im only 10 i know how to work on stuff:biggrin: but i dont know how to work on an atv so its like so if you can help me let me know plz:realmad:
  6. hi i have a 1999 sanyco atv i belive its forein for somthing i have no idea but i need help on how to repair it i have no idea how to work on these i can on anything else just not this i need sombody to help me plz plz plz help me i have very low budget and thats a prob so if you can help me repair or you know somone who can or you got advice leave a message plz help me:realmad::usflag:

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