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  2. Id love to but they are protected as much as a regular cop, im sure id be in jail right now, rather go riding this weekend:wink: saw some quads coming out of the same spot today, but its not posted anywhere in that area and thats the 1st time I ever encountered dcnr there myself
  3. Saturday The 4th 2013 around 6:00pm I’ve been quading for years now with my kids and they are grown up now and ride on their own, I showed them the basic rules of the road and don’t trash the place up your ride, keep an eye out for other riders ect, we live in the woods and can get to many places from where we live, I love it, just to get out and slow ride the paths around here The kids went riding the other day on the Burma, near the 20 mile per hour sharp turn, which is state public land, but your not allowed to ride there unless your dcnr I guess Anyway the dcnr guy, Ranger wolfgaggle, something like that was in the bushes that day with his Honda 550 & specially made push bar, its not stock and looks like it may be solid military grade, for apparently smashing into kids on quads He missed a couple other riders that day so he was getting itchy to slap a fine on anyone, if he could catch them, we never encountered dcnr on the Burma Mountain ever but the day I wasn’t there he was flying towards my kids on a path only big enough for 1 quad, he almost took out the leader on a motor cycle but the motorcycle almost wrecked into a tree to avoid a full throttled 550 coming at him on the path The next in line was my 17 year old daughter who’s been riding since she was 10 with my daughter inlaw on the back of a 250 ozark, she saw the bike almost getting hit and thought whats wrong with this idiot, then he was coming right at her full throttle, she turned off the path into the bushes to avoid getting hit head on and he turned and ran into the side of them with that big pushbar, puts the Ozark on 2 wheels and is immediately off his bike and grabs my daughter by the neck and slams her to the ground. My son was on the next in line Ozark and saw the whole thing happen and was thinking to himself who the hell is this a**hole and was about to whomp him when he finally Id’s himself, My Sons 22 and my 9 year old was son riding with him he just saw this dcnr guy choke slam his sister to the ground so he went hysterical and my daughter was really upset & began throwing up. In the meantime me & my wife are at home and get a call that the kids were hit on the quad, this was about 10 minutes after he was getting there info & didn’t call them an ambulance, you know how them untrained dcnretards are, we drop everything hop in the car pass the spot out turn around and pull in at the 20 mph turn The gate is closed, they were back at the 2nd gate to the right closer to locust lake, I’d say about 2 to 3 10th of a mile in, when I approached him and said what the hell did you do to my daughter, he was talking about a fine? I said did you call them an ambulance you just hit them, I want a state cop here and an ambulance now, I want to press charges on him, he calls for backup, so I had to call for an ambulance and state trooper. So I was going to ride the 1 quad home cuz the girls were hurt and I figured no ill just ride it to the gate and called my other son to bring the truck so not to cause anymore fines We get out to the turn and the cops from all different municipalities start pulling in, but no state police, St.Clair, Minersville, Mahanoy City, New Caslte, Rush Township a few others that slipped my view were in and out and the dcnr guy says I poked him, I turned around and said you just ran my kids over I want him arrested, that when the wall of blue(Blue code of silence) became evident, oh we cant do anything this isn’t our jurisdiction and Mr dcnr said that’s not what happened, so I was so P’O’ I called the state police again & said I need someone here to take a statement this guy just ran into my kids, The trooper on the phone said we aren’t going to step over dcnr you need to talk to his superior In meantime ambulance got there and to daughter inlaw to hospital, my daughter was to shaken up to go but we took her down and she’s got bruises on her leg a concussion and needs xrays of her back, daughter in law has same thing plus sprained ankle and xrays of her back So I said can I load the quads on the truck now & they said no they are being held for evidence cuz they were in an accident, I said yeah one that dcnr caused why don’t you take his bike also, his is the one that did the damage to the girls My 9 year old said dad I saw him clenching his teeth before they hit them and he started to tell one of the officers, I said son they don’t want to hear it, but why he hit them, what a 1st time experience for your kid to have with cops, they don’t help you when they hurt you. Dcnr had an opened face mask, so he could see his teeth The quads were impounded in Shenedoah towing $200.00 and 25 each a day, so we will probably never be able to get them back by the time they are done with there fake investigation The red Ozark of ours didn’t get hit, it was a 550 honda 4matic vs a 250 ozark, the Ozark lost big time its plastics were dented, the screws that held the plastics in where ripped out on the whole side that was hit and the rim was dented from the impact, so imagine how the girls legs felt. We got pictures of the quads before they were taken away and of his bumper that is a bit dented on has a few scrathes from the collision I figured I’d get this story out to warn other riders, be careful they are out to kill you and you don’t have a chance unless you got a bigger cc quad with a biggerpush bumper and camera wouldn’t hurt either.

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