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  1. hevar


  2. thanks man ,much appreciated
  3. thanks for the input man ,i found out that its a kawasaki mule 550 2004 , and it is the drive and driven converter that are both broken now , so i don't know , should i be looking for new parts to buy , or is it fixbale , do you know any website that sells mule parts ?
  4. It is very unfortunate that no one knows what is wrong with my kawasaki *** update : the other disk which is connected to this one in the picture also broke down
  5. hey thanks for all inputs on my issue my problem is with my kawaski ranger year i don' know , there is something wrong with it and my best bet is the clutch and the engine shuts down after a couple of minutes when in drive gear , i removed it and here is some picture of it , i think there is something with the springs inside but you guys could please take a look at them , thank you so much

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