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  2. I am willing to tear it open but I just have no time right now. He told me that the minimum needs to be 140. I don't think he took the head cover off. It is at a suzuki place. I am going to pick it up and bring it to the place I normally go for parts and such. It's making a little bit of a knocking noise and actually when I was doing some research on it I thought it might just be a valve adjustment. I feel a lot better after reading these posts than I did earlier today. I'll get the second opinion and then go from there. Thanks!
  3. My wife bought it for about $5000 five years ago this month as a wedding gift. I just don't want to end up putting a bunch of money into it when it would be better off just buying a new one. He told me that the compression test came back at 130, the minimum it should be according to Suzuki is 140. It doesn't leak any fluids. I never have to top off oil or coolant. I just change the fluids when I should. It starts fine and runs fine. I took it in there to get an issue looked at, the issue that I was having is when its good and warmed up, when I come to a stop and take my thumb off the throttle to say put it in reverse, it dies instead of idling. It starts right back up and then I'm fine to go again. He told me that he couldn't replicate the problem. Then he told me that he was afraid to ride it because it was really noisy and that it needed a new cam shaft, bearings, piston work, possibly rings and maybe cylinder work. I try to learn about things as I come across them so I am not completely ignorant but I lack experience here so I thought I'd reach out. Thank you for any insight.
  4. I need some help. I have a 2005 Suzuki KQ 700 with 1500 miles on it. I brought it in for a minor issue and I just received a call that the "little knocking" sound is the cam and bearings and that I will basically need a whole top end rebuild to include cylinder work, etc. He said it would be roughly $2000 maybe a little more. What would you do repair or replace the ATV? Thank you!

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