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  2. Ok so I took it out was good for a hr then poped ! But unlike before it did not pop right away when I put a new on in but riding a few km later ? So after this for 4 fuses I put my spare 30 amp fuse in & made it home no more fuses ? What wood couse this ? I do no it's not good to do & stuff & to all you that no how much of a pain it is to get at it ? Stupid plastic lol anyway if it's a short in the wire wood the 30 amp fuse not of blown ?????
  3. Woo hoo so I don't no why or what but tonight working on it it magicly stopped poping fuse & ran for first time in 6 weeks :-) I don't no what happend tho all I no is my starter relay is no good as my starter isn't working but it ran from the pull start & the only thing I did els tonight was un hook all the stuff from orange & whit wire ? & slowly hooked em all back & watched as the fuse didn't blo oh & I put the tail light fuse back in as that wire lead there ???? Well tomarow the big test as I put it all back together & try it :-o all let you no :)wish me luck !!!! Da misery mystery
  4. Yeah that's my next move ! But is there a chance that my starter relay wood do that even dicenected ? But yeah I am going to half to relay go over my wire harnes ?
  5. Please help if anyone has any idea why ? I have a 2008 Suzuki king quad ltf400f & it keeps blowing my ignishion fuse I have unplugged all the connections in the front besides the ignishion & soon as I turn the key on it pops I I have traced it to orange wire from there & I Don't have my cci hooked up I tried unplugging voltage reg extra ??? I did take my starter neutral relay apart & it did have broken inside & with that out it still pops it ? Wood that pop it even out ? & a few times I had thought I had it & went to start it & soon as I pulled or used electric start pop ? I am wiped I dunno what to do any help wood be really really really :-) Thanks

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