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Grandpa's bone yard

2000 trail boss hard start and bogging down

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Hello, , new to the site and new to working on 4 wheelers. Just cant seem to put the right touch on this issue.

My 2000 trail boss battery went bad over the winter, (ran great over the summer), thought it was just drained and tried to charge with no luck, put a new battery on it and then it would not start, cleaned the carb 2x and got the spit/sputter effect, rebuilt the carb and no change, bought a new carb for it and it started right up ( with the pull rope) but now it boggs down like it is getting to much gas. it idles fine but when given any throttle it boggs down and back fires, it takes about an hour to get it run half way decent with no more than half throttle. I have drained the gas, replaced the fuel pump, checked the lines and put a new air filter on it, still no change, I have to put jumper cables on it and use the choke to try to start it, after a few attempts I have to open the choke and pull the rope with the throttle wide open and then it will start and idle, but once I try to give it gas it either dies or reaves up and tries to die or spits and sputters and tries to die. I have put a new rectifier, ignition coil and solenoid to try to get the battery to recharge with no luck. My wife is on my "A" to get it running to ride with the grandkids, We just bought them new Polaris 50's and both of ours are dead.. 

anyone having the same/ similar issues? 

anyone have any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 


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I took the valve cover off today and the valves seem to be moving ok but I wanted to check to see if the valves were seating correctly but I broke 4 sockets trying to get the head bolts off.. got 2 loose but have to go get better sockets. any pics on the timing would be great..


thanks again.. 

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