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Volunteer Opportunities - Trail Work and Area Clean-Ups

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For the sake of consolidation... Here's a nice place to post Trail Work and Area Clean-up Volunteer opportunities.

If you're interested in me posting a volunteer opportunity in your area on other forums, please feel free to send me details (where, what, who to contact). [email protected]

Also, a reminder that if you are a partner/member club or a 3-year individual member, you qualify to apply for our stewardship grants to help fund these projects. Stay tuned to the Stewardship Grants thread, or have a peek at the website: Tread Lightly - Stewardship Grants

Thanks. And feel free to post up your own stewardship projects here as well

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We (our club) have been asked by the BLM if we can do our trail maintenance on Saturday, November 19th. They are also having an ATV group as well as a horse group down there at the same time doing work in their respective areas and wanted to have everyone down there at the same time.

One thing that I'm still waiting to hear back from the BLM on is doing any rail replacement. Someone has gone down there and cut out all the railing at the exit, which made the exit easier for sure. I'm hoping that we can just leave it like that because it does look much better with the railing gone. There is also a fair amount of oil spills throughout the trails which we will have to clean up. The oil spills are the biggest thing that the BLM is concerned with, and we will make sure it is handled. Other that that it will be the typical trash cleanup, painting winch anchors, and unstacking of rocks.

We will start at 9:00 am in the morning, and work until we finish, and the trail will be closed while the work is going on. Things to bring are warm clothes, gloves, sunscreen, water, lunch, and anything else you may need to be comfortable. We will provide the trash bags, paint for anchors, and hand tools for work. If anyone has a portable welder they could bring that would be a huge help. We have to do a little work on signs that got cut too. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Jeff S.


Details on the area: Stay The Trail Colorado - View Trail System - Penrose Commons

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