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    • By gouletp
      When it is  cold outside, say 35 deg F and colder, it is very difficult to shift to Reverse from neutral.  Engine temp doesn't have an effect.  I apply the brakes hard with the hand lever and the foot pedal.  In another post I read that high idle can affect shifting when the engine temp is warm. 
      I will try it with lower idle speed once I find the screw.  In the interim, can you tell me if there is some sort of adjustment for the shifter?
      Thank you
    • By stinky
      I have an Outlaw 110 that will struggle to turn the engine over. Jump starting doesn't help other than the battery will drain LONG before the bike eventually starts, so is required. If you keep messing with it long enough it will eventually magically begin to crank fine and sometimes finally start. Once we finally get the bike to start and warm it up thoroughly, it will turn over and start just fine the rest of the day like nothing ever happened... next day it won't turn over again.  Internet research has found lots of people saying they replaced starters, starter clutch, wiring, etc. but with only about 50/50 success rate for their particular problems... and I never found anybody describing a problem like mine, so I'm looking for advice/experience. Would rather not just start blindly throwing parts at it. Does anybody have any thoughts/ideas?
    • By dee004
      My machine sticks in reverse until it is completely warmed up and then it shifts perfectly once it is completely warm. I have to literally yank up on the shifter to get it out of reverse. It will shift up and down fine in the forward gears just not reverse. It's a 2005 Honda Foreman TRX500FM5. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I tried searching it but didn't come up with anything.
      Thanks in advance.
      Cheers Don.
    • By DSMITH
      My wife and I purchased two quads to run around on our off grid property one is a 1988 4 wheel drive Quad Runner which starts and runs great the other is a Suzuki LT F 300 King Quad 1999 model the 99 we are having cold starting issues with so the reason I signed up on this forum,it will start eventually after several minuets of feathering the throttle or holding throttle wide open and the choke (en richer) button fully off once it does start and warms up it seems to run really good and the choke seems to work because when you engage the choke while the engine is running it will stall the engine with the choke engaged
      it has good spark,new spark plug ,good compression,new carburetor,new battery
      I have purchased a manual online for the specific years,I am leaning towards it needing the valves adjusted but really unsure 
      also I am going to ask what is probably a stupid question to some on here but the way I was taught is the only stupid question is the one you do not ask so here goes the manual I purchased online for the 99 states that the valve clearances for the LT F 300 should be set at Intake-0.03-0.08mm (0.001-0.003 In) and the Exhaust valve set at 0.17-0.22 (0.007-0.009 In) are those settings correct  now for the stupid part of my question no where in the online manual that I purchased does it state which valve is the Intake and which is the Exhaust valve so if someone can answer that it would be greatly appreciated 
      Thanks in advance for any and all replies and help it is greatly appreciated
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    • By quadnut20
      I had my first ever ride on a 4x4 quad !!Holy crap what a change !! Can-am 800 !!:yes:This thing has a bit of power !!:yes:Abit different from my 450 R

    • By dirtjunkie85
      Just wanted to let you all know i just got a screaming deal on some AMS sand tires form rocky mountain they are having a killer deal on them right now.
      ATV Parts, ATV Tires, Dirt Bike Parts & Motocross Gear | Rocky Mountain ATV/MC
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