Whose coming to the June 9 ATV Hoe-Down Event??

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Hey everyone! Who is planning on coming out to the Haas-Cienda Ranch ATV Hoe-Down on Saturday June 9th? There will be lots of fun and great entertainment, including Sweet Water Junction Saturday night at 8:30pm. We will also have vendors, games, contests, prizes, races and plenty of great food!

Friday, June 8th we will have a test and tune from 6pm to 10pm for practice and time qualifications for the Bracket Race. Then Saturday, June 9th our gates will open at 9am and close at midnight. Races will take place from 11am to 8pm (any remaining races will then resume Sunday, June 10th at noon).

We do have spots available for camping, however they are filling up very quickly! If you plan on coming out to stay please call ahead at (601) 795-2747 to reserve your spot!

Go to our website at HaasCienda Ranch and RV Park and check out the Hoe-Down link for further information such as prize and admission info. We hope to see you all out here to join in the fun!

Thanks, Brad, Debbie & Staff

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Hey everyone ~ just wanted to say I am looking forward to seeing you all out here at the Haas-Cienda Ranch this Saturday June 9th for the ATV Hoe-Down! Please remember that if you are planning on staying to call ahead to reserve your spots, (601) 795-2747. Also, we urge you to come out Friday June 8 at 6pm for practice runs and to get your time for the Bracket Race. There will be someone at the front gate Friday evening if you would like to buy a weekend wristband.

Along with the races we will have games, contests, Sweetwater Junction playing live in the bandstand (don’t forget your lawn chairs), a water slide for the kids and plenty of food at the concession stand!

Here is the race schedule for Saturday June 9th.

** = money race

Kids Consistency

400 Sports Class

Stock 4 Stroke

Utility 4WD Stock

Utility 4WD Modified **

Utility 4WD Unlimited

4 Stroke Modified **

4 Stroke Unlimited Stock Frame

Unlimited Class

Bracket Race **

0-250 Tag Team Mud Race

251-500 Tag Team Mud Race

500 & Down 4WD Mud Race **

501 & Up 4WD Mud Race

Banshee Stock Frame

Banshee Stock Frame Modified **

Banshee Stock Frame Unlimited

Banshee Unlimited

500 & Down 4WD Side by Side Bog

501 & Up 4WD Side by Side Bog **

Unlimited 4WD Side by Side Bog

Thanks again and we will see you here! Brad, Debbie & Staff

Visit HaasCienda Ranch and RV Park for more information

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