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How pistons are Made

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    • By Params_sweden
      I got my KLF300 running again with your help a couple of months ago, at that time it was the ignition coil that had failed. It has been in use since then without issues until two weeks ago.
      When the new issue showed I was going at about 10km/h and it suddenly slowed to a halt. I started it again after that with choke and I drove it 400 meters and parked. Next time it was really hard to start, and since it was low on gas I thought that was the problem. It didn't get any better with a full tank, so I assumed it was the cold weather, and adjusted the pilot slightly.
      After that it I actually got it started again with full choke and some slight gas, I drove about 300 meters and then it slowed down to a halt again. After that, it hasn't started again.
      The compression is 165psi. The spark has good intensity, the ATV has functioned before with the same spark "intensity"/light. I *assume* that it has gas as well, there is definitely gas on the spark plug when I remove it
      I have checked the carburetor slightly, the float works, diaphragm looks ok, but I haven't disassembled it to really look for dust and such in all the small places.
      My theory right now is that it might've been some dust in the gas tank that went into the system, it's just a theory
      I'm thankful for all the help and pointers I can get, don't hesitate

      / Pär, Sweden

    • By BlueBowtie
      Is it possible to put a motor from a big bear 350 into a timberwolf? Reason I ask is that I have a timberwolf with a bit of a rod knock, and I have big bear with a bad rear end and axle with a good motor. So, is it possible?
    • By n4cer26
      Just bought a non-running 425 Magnum 6x6. Guy said previous owner had motor rebuilt (3 years ago or so.) It reportedly ran great but recently the electric start began failing and he put a new recoil on it which he broke immediately.
      I get it home and put a new recoil on it and the pull is incredibly hard....so much so that I think I'm going to break the new recoil assembly. I also installed a new starter which won't roll it over either.
      I'm thinking maybe a hydro-locked situation so I pull the plug and the motor rolls over fine with both pull start and electric start. The cylinder was dry however.
      Checked the valve lash and it was right on at .0006".
      Checked the compression relief spring on the end of the cam and the spring was strong and keeps the metal piece against the dowel like it should. The cam lobes look good from what I can see.
      I have a small camera that I dropped into the cylinder. Could t get a pic of the entire chamber because of the angled engine but there are marks on the center piston and a couple of grooves once side of the piston top. I will include the photo.
      Anyway....I'm at a total loss at this point. Not sure how to proceed and diagnose. Would sure appreciate anyone's help who might know what the heck is going on! I was able to get it to turn over about 5 times with electric start with compression tester installed which read 145 lbs. I don't know what else to do!
      Sent from my SM-F926U using Tapatalk
    • By Jlg9969
      Does anyone have any recommendations on an engine to place into this Frame? I mean besides the OEM standard.
    • By JoeB
      Hello, Trying to see if anyone on here has been into these trails yet this year. I havn't been in in almost 10 years and am not sure of the conditions. Last time I was in was over 10 years ago and I went in on a 2wd quad, someone thought the mudholes had gotten far to large for that now. We have winches and recover gear and 2 of 5 quads have  4WD. I also cant recaul if the road into the trail head is high grade or not, was hoping to use our class c motrhome as a tow rig, but if its not graveled its not worth getting it stuck if it rains.
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