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  2. Thanks gor the manual links. they should be useful indeed. Looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me with this project might do a carby rebuild to start off. also needs some electrical work as pretty much every exposed wire is split and has core showing. This just gets more and more involved every time I look at it lol
  3. So I'm Steve. I just inherited an old Yammy YFM250 (91) and it needs a "little love" so to speak. I'm a fitter and small engine mechanic for a living so I have the basics to fix the poor old girl up. But I'm very new to quads. I really only want to use the old girl as a hunting vehicle so performance isnt high on my list of priorities (good thing seeing as its an old 250!) Anyway if someone can supply a workshop manual for the beast that would be awesome. I'll post some pics of the refurbishment but I forget to do a "before" shot. Steve

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