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  1. Thank you. I just removed the diode and and jumped across it and the neutral light came on, and the electric start engaged when prompted. Now on to Radio Shack to try to find a new one. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks for the reply. I switched the reverse and neutral switch and reverse still works and neutral still doesnt. I checked the switches with an Omh meter and they appear fine. I have traced the wire all the way to the CPI and it appears fine and has continuty. The bike will kick start fine and I can jump across the selonoid and it will engage the starter. i switched out the alarm box with another that I knew was good and there was no difference. I have checked the fuses and they were fine. I removed all the wires in the battery box cleaned all the connectors to no avail. The bike ran fine until I turned it off and tried to restart it a few minutes later and there was no neutral light, with the bike in neutral, so I had to kick start it. I also removed the neutral switch pressed the switch against a ground and still no light. Any suggestions? I have had afew people tell me if it will kick start it cannot be the CPI. Is this true? I am running out of places to look. Thanks for any help.
  3. A couple days ago I went to start my fourwheeler back up after a short break from riding. When I turned the key, I noticed the neutral indicator light did not light up, even though it was in neutral, and the electric start would not work; it wouldnt even roll over. I have tested the neutral swith by the right foot peg according to the repair manual, and have successfully tested for continuity of the wire from the neutral switch all the way up to the CBI box in front of the steering column. Im really stuck on this one... any ideas? Thanks guys.

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