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  2. Getting ready to order a afr+(gen4) do Beck performance tuner.was wandering if anybody else is running one.and what they thought about it.
  3. i had to put bearings in my 800 renegade and went with allballs is those good bearings or should i have went with something else.
  4. i just bought a 07 800 renegade and notice when u have it in locked in the front diff is a one wheel peel. do u no if there is a locker or something you can buy to make it a true locker. if u could shed a little light on this i would appericate it thx.
  5. hey o_b i got it fixed. i bought a regulator from ricks and its working good now. thx for the help.
  6. my 750 king quad springs in the back are really stiff i would like to soften them up has anybody changed them out and what did they go to.thx
  7. ok i sent him a message i hope he can shed a little light on the subject. thx again
  8. i had several people say check the grounds i think i checked all the grounds and added a few. i just dont no what to do.
  9. no i dont thats the bad deal.i dont mind spending a 100 bucks on it if it would fix it. but like u said your out your money if not.
  10. i ran the test on the stator and it check out good.i added a few grounds and it actually bump up my volts from 13.50 to 14.53.and when u turn the lights on it charges now. but after 15 to 20 mins. the regulator gets hot it quits charging and iam assuming thats what it is doing.and wont charge anymore.but if u shut off the fourwheeler and start it back up it will charge again until it gets hot.do u think its the regulator or not. i could use some help here. thx.

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