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  2. Took the honda out through some fairly deep water the other day and when I let off of the throttle the exhaust would backfire. After a few minutes it quit me. I let it sit a while and it started again. Drove it about 2 miles and it quit twice on the way back. Let it sit a day and it seems to run just fine again. Im sure something got wet, just wondering what got wet and how to water proof it. Thanks
  3. I figured it out, the main clutch discs were not installed correctly.
  4. I just finished putting a new cam chain in my 1992 300 fourtrax and now the machine will not move in any gear. I had to remove both clutches to install the chain and the machine moved before I tore it down. I have looked through the service manual and I am stumped. I shift through all the gears and It will not move at all. Just wondering what I should look for when I pull the side cover off to inspect the clutches. Thanks

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