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  2. not the most ATV friendly place on earth
  3. How dare you , no not really, I tend to agree that the Chinese quads are garbage right out of the box I mean all you have to do is look at them but damn it all it was free I just could not resist. anyway I have two quadzillas the one I call the 11 (GSXR 1100) built on a Suzuki 500 chassis and a KH 550 built on a raptor chassis both do well other quads are an EX 400 a Grizzly a Banshee and a blaster I started out on 3 wheelers my brother has 9 of the damn things all Yamaha's and Hondas he started on moto X bikes and we both raced GoKarts (that was our dads passion) street bikes because I only weight 105 usually stay in the 400-500 cc range with one exception I have an 883 other bikes owned include RD 400 RD 350 250 Ninja Buell blast anyway O.B it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Jan (bike car quad and computer nut job)
  4. there is no VIN on the non CARB quads (California Air Resource Board) The early versions of these things could not be registered in most states, a friend that I ride with when we go to Texas bought 4 of them for his kids to learn on and had to take then to the state police to get a VIN issued We do that here as well but the vehicle has to meet CARB I have a sand drag quad and found out the hard way as to the nature of CARB I used a Canadian bike not legal here (RZ 750) and the CHP refused to VIN it and ended up using a GSXR 1100 no where near as fast out of the hole but real nice anyway this latest bastardized monster will be a hill climber if I can ever get it put together starting to think I should just stick to the Rubicon and what I know
  5. been there there is just not a lot of info on these things and no dealers in CA I am beginning to think that free is a bit to much to pay for one of these kazuma things
  6. My brother and I are really into quads I picked up this Kazuma for free and we are going to quadzilla it using a FJ 1100 engine from an auction bike we got at copart it's now 7 inches wider and 8 inches longer we know it was a 150 from the obviously cheezy reverse handle sticking up on the right but we cannot figure out what year it is or if it was a redcat, falcon or dingo so we can order a tank and plastic any ideas???

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