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  2. I had a guy adjust them an time it for me an he said it was fine.
  3. I need help. I hit a major wall. I tried jump starting my fourwheeler an it wouldn't crank by the battery. So I tried to pull start it and it would only try to fire up, it was blowing compression out the exhaust an when I gave it gas it would bog down. When I would pull the clutch it then it would quit. Before I put the other one way in the fourwheeler would pull start easily. That's my first problem. Next problem is my dads fourwheeler I just rebuilt. It will crank over by the battery but won't actually start. Its getting fuel because your can smell it, it's get spark because I grabbed the boot an held it like a idiot to check for sure. Idk what could be not making it start. I know I hit the kill switch to make sure it was on an when I move it to off the neutral lightstays on. Thanks for any help you may have.

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