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  1. gdubya

    Stolen Atv's

    No never replaced them, I always had high hopes they would be found and returned. I have 3 Boats and that has occupied my time during the last 2 years.:rolleyes:
  2. gdubya

    Stolen Atv's

    Well it's been almost 2 years! I really hope the thieves are getting some good use out of them and not just letting them sit around. BoatRant
  3. gdubya

    Stolen Atv's

    Yes I have filed a report and posted on several webs and sent emails to every dealer within 500 miles. Plus started an email chain that has so far reached over 1000 people thru friends. Here is a link with better pics. Thanks Gdubya if you google "stolen atvs" you will find my post everywhere!!
  4. gdubya

    Stolen Atv's

    Texas and Oklahoma riders can you keep an eye out for my atv's. They were stolen from Plano Tx. 06 Yamaha Bruin 4x4 blue,05 Arctic Cat 400 4x4 red,06 6x10 trailer no sides with wire mesh bottom red(Kearney Brand) very distinctive , I had it built for the bikes ,its a one of a kind. Pictures are in my profile. Glenn Wright (gdubya) 214-499-0833
  5. Yamaha makes the wolverine and the bruin ,I guess yamaha could be considered an off brand. Glenn
  6. Muenster or Bonhom are good for bikes or 4wheelers and about an hour and a half from Little Elm.I live in Plano and we are headed up to meunster on sunday ,it's supose to be hot but you can jump in the Red River there and cool of alot of people hand out on the river, . gdubya
  7. I like the Bruin it's really light for a 4x4 and has enough power. I bought it new for my wife for Valentines 06,I rode my Wolverine alot and she wanted a toy so Valentines 05 I bought her the new 400 Arctic Cat ,she flipped it and had been scared of it thats why I bought her another one,If I would have known she would be scared of the 400 I would of bought the 650 cat,Now they have the 700 which I have My eyes on. gdubya
  8. So who rides in Texas? In my profile is a list of the areas we ride. I have a 350 wolverine ,350 Bruin and a 400 Cat gdubya

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