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  1. hello, i did look into Miller and Lincoln as well. as you mentioned the prices are more expensive. Longevity actually has a welder that is similar to one of Miller's 110/220v portable spoolgun capable but I could buy 2 Longevity's for the price of 1 miller. Longevity has a forum that i was looking into and alot of positive things on their MIG welders. I gave them a call and they gave me a great price for the welder and spool gun as well. And as far as I know they have the best warranty on the net which was a plus! I couldn't pass it up. I went ahead and purchased one and should be receiving it right away. I have 30 days for money back guarantee so hopefully everything works out, I think i made a good choice. Thanks for the info! Migweld 140 140AMP 110v Mig Welder - MIG Welders | Longevity Global Inc
  2. hello everyone, I'm looking to purchase my first MIG welder with spool gun capable at an affordable price. Does anyone have any experience with Longevity? They seem to have a reliable/portable MIG welder. I want some feedback before I make my decision. Thanks in advance.

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