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  2. I have been starting my Kodiak all winter to make sure the battery was charging. I took it out on a ride last week 7 parked it. Went out today to go for a ride & when I tried to start it it made a buzzing noise when I pushed the starter button. It was in neutral & I put it in park & still no luck. I then put it back in neutral & it started. I turned it off & tried to start it again & it made the buzzing noise. It won't start now. The buzzing noise is coming from the left side off the atv on the back end. That is when I was sitting on it. Any help would be appreciated. I have taken my seat off & believe my problem is the starter solenoid. It has a 30 amp fuse & a spare fuse with it. The fuses look good. I also checked the starter fuse & it seems to be good. Any help please. Would like to ride tomorrow. Thanks

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