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  2. thanx on the spark issue , I removed the cover / stator is inside , much easyer than I thought , 4 wires , 8 windings , two of are blackened /burnt , that's were the exciter coil wires go ,no continuity on those two. other winding, wires has continuity so I think is fine . took it to a local quad shop he might be able to have it repaired also slight damage on the outside edge , bits of a small coil spring on magnets of flywheel / slight damage to stator. is the vin stamped under the bike then near the bottom bash guard ? I was looking from above or from the outside , not looked
  3. new meter 4.6 m ohms on the exciter coil , what does this mean ?????
  4. just thought slight oil leak / damp / near were the wires come out of the fly wheel area been damp recently , not dripping out but damp were it didn't used to be
  5. UPDATE ello far as I could tell no power to the cdi , on any of the seven wire , ignition on . tested ohms on red /black red wires , , exciter coil, 3.20 m - 3.50 m ohms on my auto ranging meter I don't fully trust the meter to be honest , bought second hand . what is ,m, is K 1000 ??? m 1000 000 ??? the pick up coil measures 120 ohms so that's ok ?? I found the two wires to the exciter were badly nipped by the tank , between tank and the frame BUT the wires seen to have not been damaged and the ohm test is basically the same tested either side of the nip. simple
  6. hi all first post just found forum and the manuals / wiring diagram BIG THANK YOU im struggling to find the vin number on my frame? I m told left side of frame , lower, nr. in front of the gear pedal ?? haven't found it yet , is it numbers stamped on the frame or a commission plate ?? main prob. no spark no power to coil , off to study the wiring info I've just found thanks again. tom

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