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  2. okay this is my engine- 2-Stroke 50cc 1PE40QMB, and here is a pic for a reference. heres a link for parts, 2-stroke 50cc 1PE40QMB Minarelli Jog motor parts runs sweet now after some fiddling, just a real mare to start, i have a new electric choke ordered that hopefully will sort the cold start out. i have a question: is it possible that the flywheel that the starter motor spins is not as free as it should be? it looks pretty dry in there and seems that the starter just aint got the grunt for it, took the plug out and it spins fine, so after spraying some wd40 in the hole where the starter motor goes and then doing it again did help but still not right. appreciate any help, thanks
  3. Okay so I know its not a GY6 because they were selling valves for them and my engine doesn't have em, although there are parts that look like there the same, coil pack and lead for example or cdi. So cheers for that prices are pretty decant on the second link not sure bout the first one:shocked: eBay's been pretty good
  4. Hi everyone, bought a kazuma 50 quad and there dont seem to be much about this one on the net so was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. i would like to know what engine it is for a start for parts etc. from what i have found i think its a yamaha replica engine, 2 stroke and the guy i bought it off said he had it for about 7 years so its fairly old. its used in mopeds aswell. i would like to change head and piston at some point so really need to know what engine i have. any help much appreciated. sorry for diving straight in

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