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  2. thought thatd be the case fun well just more ot the project i guess
  3. So i was moving this thing around today and i noticed when i grab the rear bar above the brake light and shfit it left or right without moving the wheels it allows about 1/2" to a full 1" of play between the bearings in the swing arm this seems to excessive am i right in thinking the carrier needs replace or not?
  4. SO i got this 2002 400ex on trade not running. figured id look into it and fix iit. I figured out it needs a new cylinder ,piston, rings, timing chain. Bottom end looks ot be good functionaing order all electrical works just jumped teeth on the timing chain did not damage valves or any thing. I was hoping to fix it and sell it but local shop tells me im bette roff parting it out seeing how used lower untis go for around $450 on ebay and cylinder heads go for around $200 or so.was curious what you all think if i should attempt ot fix it and sell as running unit or sell broken for $550 obo? any ideas or any interested in purchasing please let me know price is alwasy flexible, im just spit balling ideas here.

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