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  2. Branching off the Can-Am Forum to let anyone here know about my snorkel kits for the Can-Am Renegade G2 models, you can see it on ebay here: Can Am Renegade 800 1000 Custom Snorkel Kit for G2 Models 2012 2014 | eBay Its a full do it yourself kit that is cheap and easy, Kit 1 includes everything you need to get the tubes up to the dash pod, how you want your exit pipes are completely up to you, flush agaisnt the machine, up and facing down like your typical snorkel setup, up 2 feet, the sky is the limit!! Kits 2 is everything you need with my designed exit pipes, flush against the machine. Kit 1 is only $100 and Kit 2 is only $125. I wanted to make it cheap so everyone can do it themselves, both kits come with SUPER detailed instructions, Kit 2 is 19 pages with full pictures! Any questions feel free to ask, you can contact me directly via ebay, private message thro here, or my direct email - [email protected]

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