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  1. i am not sure if you have a caliper and want to measure the spline i can check what i got i have a few different kinds some i dont even know what there from i bought them in box lots off ebay trying to get some parts together
  2. i have decided to scrap the 300ex 500r project i reassembled my 500 today and went riding i have decided the 300ex is not the right quad for my ideas so if anyone needs 300ex parts let me know i have a few like a arms hubs rotors calipers foot pegs very rare chrome laeger 500 link swing arm gas tank and other odds and ends if you need something i can post it on ebay or how ever you want to do it thanks
  3. i have a 1992 cr500 that im gonna pull the motor out of. how did the 500 fit in the 250 r frame that looks mean. i was gonna go with a 250 r frame and may still if i cant do the things i want with the 300ex. how did the pipe workout is that the 500 pipe or 250 i was worried about needing to make one.
  4. i have a bare frame from a 300ex i picked up and a cr 500 my plans are to make a honda quadzilla and i was wondering if anyone knows the size differance in 250r and 300ex swingarm and a-arm mounts. so if you have a 250r i was wondering if some one could tell me the distance between inner and outer edges of the mounts on the upper and lower arms. i have a 250r 3 wheeler and believe the swingarm to be the same so i can referance off that for the rear any help would be appreciated thanks

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