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  2. Yes pulled the cover with engine in the frame. All the bearings were good. The Pin shaft was stuck in the starter idler gear. Popped it out and it was bent thus making the gear run in an ovular rotation not a circular rotation. Just went up and ordered a gear, pin shaft and spacer as well as all new gaskets. Think it will be whipped when we get it back together. Thx.
  3. Took a week to get the tool. Local dealers did not have one. Came in yesterday. Going to pull it off today. Yep, only turns one way and does not sound too good when spinning it by hand.
  4. Pulled the cover and the starter idler gear. Gear was frozen on the pin. Turned the big idler gear and hear noise. Guess Ill put new bearings on the rotor and new starter idler gear. Thanks
  5. I have a 1993 King Quad LT-F4WDXP. I have had to replace the starter 3 times and each time the end of the shaft where the splines are cut in is all worn down. Getting ready to do it again any ideas on how to solve this problem? Is the a starter gear in the crankcase that is worn or broken. It make a grinding sound while cranking after a week or so.

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