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  2. Thanks Tim. Yes I have a manual (downloaded off internet). Pictures are kindof poor. I have considered getting a Clymer (if available) or another book that may be appropriate.
  3. Thanks. This very frustrating. Any advise on doing a valve adjustment
  4. Tim ANC. I do have a vacuum line on my petcock. It is clear as all the vacuum lines are clear. Thanks.
  5. Update: Sorry I ment to give more data. 2002 Suzuki LTF250F Quadrunner 4X4 Help!
  6. Chasing problems. ATV is acting choked. Smells of gas. Black spark plug. Idles fine. Soon as I hit gas it wants to choke out. What I have done: 1. New fuel pump 2. Rebuilt carb 3. New throttle cable 4. Emptied gas 5. Checked pit cock 6. fresh non ethanol fuel 7. New NGK spark plug Did all this and still dogs out when I hit the throttle. Idles fine. Its worse when it get warmed up. Wont do hills very well. Finally check the compression. Cold it was 80 psi Warm it was 100 psi Book says range between 146 and 199 psi Limit says 114 psi Range seemed high to me. But I am probably wrong. The ATV has had a hard life on the farm. Never did a valve adjustment. Always changed the oil. Is it time for a rebuild? Any recommendations. I would say the ATV is valued at $1000 when running. Your thoughts? Thanks. Scott

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