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  2. I took the gear box apart and found no issues. I threw the atv back on the trailer and pulled it 550 miles home where I took the belt cover off and again found no issues. I put it back together and miraculously it worked fine and has ever since. I have no clue what I did to resolve. Wish I could provide a better answer.
  3. Need some help here - I bought a used 2008 Polaris 90 Sportsman a few weeks back. It ran great without concern. I loaded it on a trailer and drove 500 miles to our family farm to ride and now it wont go into Forward gear. It shifts fine, but no power when you give it gas. It runs in reverse without issue. I assume the joustling of the trip has created an issue in the trans, but would appreciate any advice anyone could provide. Thanks
  4. Can I ask how you resolved this issue? I had the same thing happen to me today. Machine worked fine, loaded on a trailer and drove 500 miles to our destination, now it wont go forward, only reverse. Any advice you can share would be appreciated. thanks

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