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  1. It's more of a grinding or skipping than a clunking sort of like when a tooth skips a gear.
  2. Yeah that's what I was thinking. I was thinking since it's a shaft drive model that maybe a tooth or two sheared off when it was rolled. Time to tear it down again. Thanks for the help though and I will post what I find.
  3. It makes the noise going in a straight line. It almost sounds like the big gear that is on the axle, inside the housing, missing teeth and catching after skipping over the missing teeth. I was going to tear down the rear axle again but someone else mentioned that it could be a gear in the transmission so I wanted to see if anyone else experienced this before so I know where to start. I have only replaced the rear axle and one of the rear hubs as that was bent also when it was flipped.
  4. Wondering if anyone has experience this problem before. I have a 2006 Arctic Cat 250cc Utility ATV and recently replaced the rear axle due to a rollover and axle being bent. My problem is now when I took it for a ride it make a clunking sound almost sounds like it's coming from the rear axle housing where the big gear on the axle mates up with the gear on the gear drive shaft. It almost sounds like when a tooth on a gear is missing and it skips and grabs.

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